Jet Charter Nashville

JFI Jets is an ARGUS Platinum rated Jet Operator.

Charter a luxurious jet in Nashville


JFI Jets has been in the private jet charter business for 20 years, and we have enjoyed connecting people to their destinations is style and luxury.

If you are searching for an internationally capable luxurious aircraft for charter in Nashville, then consider our Falcon 900EX that comes complete with internet. This beautiful aircraft is incredibly fuel efficient, has cruise speeds in excess of 550MPH and provides you the ramp appeal to make heads turn. Inquire with the JFI Jets charter team on how we can operate your next international trip!

Our trained Flight Coordinators will handle every aspect of your private travel including ground transportation, in-flight meal requests and hotel accommodations if you require.

With the JFI Jets private jet charter team, you pay as you fly, without any large or up-front membership deposits typical of industry jet card programs. Your private jet charter pricing is based on the length of your trip and the flight time of your selected aircraft.

Our private jet charter consultants are available 24/7/365 to facilitate every aspect of your travel plans. Call your JFI Jets charter consultant today at (888) 534-5387!

All flights are operated under the FAR Part 135 air carrier serction. JFI Jets operates its own fleet of aircraft and is an FAR Part 135 approved Air Carrier (certificate #K55A584L). Flights will be operated by JFI Jets in full compliance with all FAA safety standards and additional private jet charter safety standards established by JFI Jets. Some flights will be arranged by JFI Jets but operated by other FAA certificated FAR Part 135 air carriers that have been approved by JFI Jets to meet our highly discerning standards.